Zoa Growth & Polyp Labs Reef Roids

We have been feeding our corals Reef Roids mixed in with other coral foods for over 6 years now. With many coral foods on the market, this has always been a staple for our tank’s feeding schedule. Whether it’s mixed in with some cyclopeeze, crushed LPS pellets or a mash of some frozen meaty foods, we always get it in there somewhere. The fine powdered plankton is a great option for corals that require smaller particles. So by adding it into a mix of various coral foods, it can be target fed to specific corals or broadcast fed to the whole tank.


What is Reef Roids?

Reef Roids is a blend of marine plankton ideally suited for feeding zoanthids, gonipora, cyphastrea, clams and other filter feeders. Polyp Lab states that it’s “specially formulated to minimize water degradation”  and we’ve never seen evidence to the contrary. We specifically use it to encourage growth in the corals on our frag rack, with noted success. Just keep in mind that a little of this stuff goes a long way! We add half a teaspoon to about 4oz of tank water and target feed corals with a turkey baster, and with the return pump off. With regular feedings our zoa frags definitely look fuller, perhaps because they open up more or perhaps because they’re growing faster. Either way, Reef Roids is definitely a positive addition to our feeding schedule.

The Target Feeding Grow Test

We’ve also had success growing specific zoanthids by target feeding them and not their neighbors. We deliberately fed the Eagle Eye zoas to see if they would out grow the surrounding green zoanthids who were not target fed. After several months of targeted feedings, the Eagle Eye zoas (red ones) have taken over an area previously covered by all green zoanthids. We actually even fragged off a few of the Eagle Eye’s in the process but they still grew faster than the surrounding zoanthids that were not target fed. Of course, this is anecdotal evidence, but it’s enough to convince us of the benefits of feeding our corals. Ultimately, any animal we keep will be healthier and stronger if we feed it well, and Reef Roids seems to be a good place to start.

Target feeding these zoa’s helped them out grow their neighbors.