The Ultimate Anti-Vibration Skimmer Pad

One of the noisiest pieces of equipment in any reef tank is the skimmer. Especially when it’s placed in a tight sump inside a tank stand, it can create a veritable sub-woofer of vibrational annoyance. This has led to a wide array of creative solutions to reduce the vibrational noise that skimmer pumps create. Egg crate stands held together with everything from super glue to zip ties, PVC pipe stands, layers of acrylic sheets, DIY silicone ‘pyramid’ vibration feet and so forth. I personally have eight silicone OXO coasters stacked up as feet for my skimmer.

Silicone seems to be one of the better options when it comes to reducing pump noise. Some have even wrapped their entire return pumps in silicone dish drying mats to reduce noise. But nothing comes close to the Pyramid Pan! A heat-safe silicone mat made of mini-pyramids. The ultimate anti-vibration pad for skimmer and return pumps! We got a couple of these and have yet to install them in our system, but we’re excited to get them in place!

Could this be the perfect vibration silencer!?

At 16.25″ x 11.5″ the mats are large enough for most skimmer compartments. It can also be folded over increasing its vibration reduction abilities and also doubling as a skimmer stand, raising the skimmer up to 3/4″ off the bottom of the sump! It’s heat safe and seems very durable. If you’re not running filter socks, detritus build up between the pyramids might become an issue. But this could be easily fixed with a thin sheet of plexi or acrylic, to stop detritus from settling. Overall, it seems to be a convenient and cost effective solution to a common problem!