Seaside Aquatics Collapsible Fish Trap in Action

I recently had to remove three Lyretail Anthias from my tank and took the opportunity to try out Seaside Aquatics Fish Trap. The anthias were small and I only had a 40 gallon tank, but I decided to go with the medium trap as I thought the fish would more readily enter a larger trap. The trap is 8″ x 6″ x 6″ not including the support brackets.

The trap came flat packed and required assembly, but the instructions were easy to follow. I had it built within ten minutes and ready to go. The acrylic construction is very solid. The nylon screws help to stabilize the trap against the tank through threaded holes. The assembly instructions offer bracket configurations for standard and eurobraced tanks. The general idea is that you feed the fish through a tube in the top of the trap, encouraging the fish to enter it. Once the fish enters the trap, you pull the clear fishing line attached to a small wedge that holds the door open. The door drops shut and you’ve trapped your fish. It’s simple and effective.

The trap worked very well as most of the fish acclimated to the feeding after just a few days. But they were still weary of it and would only enter it when being fed. By the second week they would swim in and out of it all day without issues and would be waiting in there around feeding time each day. However, it wasn’t until the second week that one of the three anthias decided to enter the trap. As he got to the center of the trap I pulled the string and the door dropped! The anthias had escaped but I had caught a nice looking and slightly surprised potters wrasse. If the fish are comfortable in the trap they are easy to catch.

I could have caught the anthias with a little more time and patience. But as my rockscape is one single piece of pukani, I pulled the whole rock, corals and all, out of the tank, netted the anthias and put it back in during a water change. In previous tanks my rock work was not so easily deconstructed and this fish trap would have been worth it’s weight in gold. For those of us with complex rockscapes or larger tanks with a lot of fish, these fish traps are a great way to catch troublesome or overstocked fish that need to be removed.