Salt Tank Society a Reef Inspired Clothing Company

It’s always fun to wear a cheesy ‘fish t-shirt’ to a frag swap or a trade show. It even gives us a sense of belonging, being part of a really cool hobby and a community of like minded reef keepers. But wouldn’t it be great if our frag-swap-dedicated tees were actually cool!? This is where Salt Tank Society, a reef inspired clothing company based in Vancouver, stands out from the rest of the pack.

‘Reef Addict’ t-shirt by Salt Tank Society.

Cory at Salt Tank Society started out making himself clothes to wear, with the goal of creating a ‘rad shirt to wear to a frag swap’. That idea developed into the Salt Tank Society brand and is now a growing reef-inspired clothing company. And I think the ‘reef addict’ t-shirt is pretty rad! We’re hoping to see these cool t-shirts and hats coming to local reef stores soon, but for now, you can purchase them through the Salt Tank Society website.

The reef inspired designs and logo speak for themselves, but one feature I didn’t notice until my order arrived was the quality. The t-shirts are made from a very soft and comfortable material that has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk to ensure they will hold up wash after wash (which is important because I’m going to be wearing it every chance I get).  The flex fit caps have a bold stitched logo and are very comfortable to wear, as you would expect from an official FlexFit. With sizes and styles available for men, women and kids we’re excited to see more from Salt Tank Society!