Polyp Lab’s Alk/Ca/Mag 1-Part Solution: ONE

Polyp Lab’s ONE is a simple, 1-part calcium, alkalinity and magnesium buffering solution. Unlike conventional solutions which require the addition of each component separately, ONE allows you to safely buffer your alkalinity, calcium and magnesium in one shot. If daily dosing of 2-part solutions and magnesium has become a chore, Polyps Lab’s ONE could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


So how does the system work? Simply add reverse osmosis water to the bottle and shake. It couldn’t be simpler. Polyp lab notes that the bottle needs to be shaken well before each use and each dose should be added to a high flow area of the tank or sump away from direct contact with corals. It is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, with the smaller of the two labelled ‘Nano ONE’.


The 1-part solution is designed to keep calcium buffered at 400 ppm, alkalinity at 7 dKH and magnesium at 1300 ppm. You’ll notice that the alkalinity might seem a little low for some higher nutrient systems, that’s because ONE is designed to work in conjunction with regular water changes and your salt of choice. This will also prevent unexpected raises in alkalinity and allow room for additional buffering if needed, while keeping your system relatively balanced.


Dosing recommendations are straight forward and easy to follow. ONE is phosphate and silica free, so no worries about cyano or algae outbreaks and it won’t raise salinity either. ONE is an ideal solution for balancing calcium, alkalinity and magnesium for any reef keeper looking for cost effective simplicity.