Neptune Systems Release TRIDENT Automated Water Testing System

One of the most exciting releases at MACNA last weekend was the TRIDENT testing system by Neptune Systems. The all-in-one system tests Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium  and is connected to your Apex Controller. A single tube draws water from your tank, runs it through the TRIDENT module that contains reagent for each parameter (alkalinity, calcium, magnesium), and a second tube deposits the ‘waste’ water into a waste container after the test is complete.

The unit contains 3 large, low cost reagent bottles and automatically tests Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium on a programmed schedule.

The system uses the titration/reagent testing method, just like your current test kits. This ensures accuracy and reliability in the readings it provides. The reagent bottles last 1 month if you’re doing 4 x alkalinity tests, 2 x calcium tests and 2 x magnesium tests each day. If you set it up to run half of that, the reagents will last 2 months. If you set it up to test less than daily, they’ll last longer. Reagents will be sold in 2-month kits that will include all three reagents, at only $40 US, so around $50 CAD. So that works out to around $12.5 month if you test the alkalinity twice a day and the other two only once a day. Not bad.

The unit is currently at +/-0.5 dKH precision on the alkalinity and +/-10ppm on the calcium and magnesium, which is more than acceptable. In fact, thats pretty impressive! There’s no confirmation yet on exaclty what functionality this unit will allow in the APEX control panel, but we’re expecting it to be able to control dosing pumps, automatically keeping alkalinity, calcium and mag stable. This will take a lot of the headaches out of programming dosing pump schedules. Exciting stuff!

APEX Fusion will likely give us control over dosing functions as well to stabilize alkalinity, calcium and magnesium automatically.


If you haven’t upgraded to their latest APEX system released last year, you might want to think about it. Due to the complex setup of testing, the new TRIDENT testing system only works with the newer 2016 Apex systems. We’re told that this will be a mid-2018 product release. The first modules will be going out to the Neptune Systems Insider members for testing and reviews in the first quarter of 2018. The price point is said to be in the $500-600 USD range, so for those of us up here in the great white north, we’re probably looking at $650-$750 CAD range. A near revolutionary development in the reefing industry! We hope to hear more from Neptune Systems soon.

TRIDENT Automated Water Testing System.

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