Micro Lords Gone Wild at Coral Reef Shop in Burlington, ON.

Coral Reef Shop in Burlington, Ontario just got a shipment in from Australia with some of the most beautiful Micro Lord colonies we’ve seen (Micromussa Lordhowensis previously classified as Acanthastra Lordhowensis aka ‘Acan Lords’). The shear spectrum of colours and relatively fast growth of these corals has made them a popular feature in many reek keepers tanks. Well suited to both novice and experienced reef keepers, these incredibly colourful corals encrust over the rocks they are placed on and form tightly packed colonies. The variety of colours in this shipment really caught our imagination, inspiring thoughts of new desktop tanks dedicated to Micro Lords and blue LED’s to really make the colours pop!

We also caught site of some very nice zoanthid colonies and a surprising number of the often hard to find Choati Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon choati). The Choati Leopard wrasse is one of my personal favourites with it’s chaotic bright orange colouration. The males feature distinct stripes across their anal fin while the females do not. This can sometimes be a little harder to distinguish in younger specimens. The health and variety of these corals were impressive and were an exciting reminder about why we love this fantastic hobby!