Explore the Worlds Reefs with Google Street View

Most of us would jump at the chance to jet around the globe exploring the worlds reefs and marine life. But few of us will ever have the opportunity to see as many of the worlds reefs as we would like to. Even if we did have the opportunity, it’s unlikely we would get to explore all of the 129 locations shown in glorious 360° HD on Google Street View under the Oceans tab.

Each tab is a 360* wide angle view of the location. You can even double click the screen to explore other areas of the reef.

These incredible underwater panoramas might be just the lunch break escape you’ve been looking for. They may even influence your future vacation plans! We quickly found a few favourites, but the first location shown on the site is one of the best, Nishibama beach, Aka Island in Okinawa, Japan. The crystal clear water and large reef bommies look like a great place for an epic snorkel adventure or dive excursion. Double click on the screen and it transports you further across the reef so that you can explore. There is an amazing bright yellow staghorn colony just behind this rock!

Each 360° view comes with a google maps location pin and a short, helpful explanation about the reef.

A few of the other exotic locations we found particularly impressive are Muli Kandu in the Maldives, the brightly coloured Heniochus immediately caught our attention. Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea near the Great Barrier Reef is a submerged atoll and has some incredible rockscapes to explore. Komodo Island was of particular fascination because it’s one place few of us are likely to ever get to dive, and Bangka Island near northern Sulawesi has an amazing array of soft corals packed tightly up steep rock faces. Don’t forget to double click on the screen to travel around each location.

Pick a new one to explore every day and you’ll have more than 4 months of lunch break exploring lined up! We couldn’t help but save the best for last. Our absolute favourite was Keruo Reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. If you have a web browser on your TV, turn off the lights, grab the family and go for a dive! See how many sharks you can find in each location. We’ll be going back to this one for weeks!

Here’s a short video on how it works and how they created these incredible 360° underwater views.