5 Fun Reef Themed Prezzies on Etsy

  1. Make a splash with a fun fishy shower curtain! Liven up any tired bathroom without breaking the bank with this vibrant and practical gift idea that is sure to make any reef enthusiast smile.  Check out this fun shower curtain from etsy here.


2. The ultimate wall decals! Create an underwater wonderland that will inspire young imaginations. Ideal for a kids bedroom, playroom, or even your living room, depending on your decorating style. Maybe check with your wife first though. Available on Etsy from Styleywalls, here.


3. If you are searching for a unique gift for the reef hobbyist in your life, these nudibranch magnets are a sure pick! The variety, vibrancy, and attention to detail is very impressive! These cool little creations could become a collection of their own! Checkout the full collection here.


4. Make a subtle statement with a one-of-a-kind clownfish belt buckle at the next frag swap. Get your hands on the only one available here.


5. Spruce up your fish room or home office with a cool vintage coral poster! This is one of our favs! Check out the full selection available on Etsy, here.